On Friday 26th September 2014 the lovable polymath known to us as John Several (aka. John ‘Evil E’ Everall) sadly passed away just 10 weeks after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

John made a significant contribution to the creation, promotion & sharing of emerging new sounds. From his early experimental noise compositions with tape loops/tone generator and the fanzine ‘Spreading the Virus’, John  continued to approach the avant-garde with a punk ethos. As the boss of Sentrax Corporation, gig promoter and writer for MFTEQ, The Wire, etc. he  demonstrated a selfless generosity and enthusiasm for bringing unknown sounds & unrecognised people together.

John had re-launched the influential Sentrax label in March 2013, after a 14 year hiatus, with the intention of releasing future Tactile projects. The label will continue to press new and unreleased Tactile material, available directly through this site.

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Preview the latest Tactile album "Deep Immersion Electronics" Composed & recorded by John Several during August 2014 A double white vinyl LP to be released by Sentrax Corporation on 26/9/15. Pre-orders available from 19/9/15 here in the Sentrax shop. R.I.P. John Several
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